Custom Service (Closed)

*The custom service is closed at this moment. The conditions will be modified, keep an eye to the blog for future updates.

*El servicio de customización está cerrado en estos momentos. Las condiciones del servicio van a ser modificadas. Revisa este blog para futuras actualizaciones.


Por favor, lee atentamente toda la información y si tienes alguna pregunta, no dudes en contactar conmigo a través del formulario de contacto que encontrarás en este blog.

El servicio de custom incluye:

-Carving de nariz, philtrum y labios.
-Maquillaje con pasteles de alta calidad marca rembrant y lapices acuarelables. Sellado con Msc Uv-cut. El cliente puede indicar los colores que prefiere, si la quiere con o sin pecas...
-Sleepy eyes, blogged eyes y gaze correction
-Cambio de ojos (el cliente deberá enviar los nuevos ojos junto con la muñeca)
-Nuevos pullrings: Los pullrings serán de mi elección dependiendo del material que tenga en el momento. Si el cliente desea algo concreto debe enviarlo con la muñeca.
-Cambio de pestañas
-Si el cliente desea que cambie el cuerpo por un pure neemo o licca, debe enviarlo junto con la muñeca.

Precio del servicio: 150€


*Los gastos de envío no se incluyen en el precio del servicio de customización.
*Para clientes fuera de la UE, si hubiera gastos de aduanas, son responsabilidad del cliente.

*Me reservo el derecho a no aceptar encargos si creo que no puedo llevar a cabo el proyecto que el cliente desea. 
*Aceptaré encargos dependiendo del tiempo libre que disponga para realizarlos.
*No acepto bajo ningún concepto copiar el trabajo de otra persona.
*Por el momento no acepto  SBL, si no sabes que molde es la muñeca que deseas enviar, consúltame primero.
*El pago se realizará por paypal.


Please, read carefully all the information and if you have any question don't hesitate to drop me a message via the contact form.

Custom service includes:

-Nose, mouth and philtrum carving.
-Face up with high quality pastels by rembrant and aquarel pencils. Sealed with Msc Uv-cut. Customer can choose which colors prefer for the make up, with or without freckles, etc.
-Sleepy eyes, blogged eyes and gaze correction.
-Eyes' change (the customer will send them with the doll)
-New pullrings: will be of my choice depending on the materials I have on the moment, but you can send them with the doll if you prefer.
-New eyelashes
-If customer would like to replace the body, new body should be send with the doll.

Price: 150€


*Shipping costs not included in the price, please ask me for a shipping quote.
*For customers outside the EU: custom fees are responsability of the customer.
*I reserve the right to refuse orders if I cannot carry out the project that the customer wants.
*I will accept orders depending of my free time.
*Don't ask me to copy works from other artists.
*At this moment, I don't accept SBL mold, if you don't know which mold is your doll, please ask me before send the doll.
*Payment will be by paypal.


Natsumi (Adopted)

Natsumi is ready and looking for a mom or dad who takes care of her at my Etsy. Natsumi's name is written with the kanji of summer and beauty.

The stock doll is a misha tebya lyublyu.
She's my first girl for adoption, I hope you like her!

Work done:

- Stock make up removed
- Lips, nose, philtrum and chin carving and sanding.
-New make up with quality Rembrandt pastels, watercolor pencils and acrylics and sealed with MSC uv-cut
-Blogged eyes, sleepy eyes and gaze correction.
-2 new pair of realistic eyechips by puppeliena and 1 blue normal pair of eyechips.  The fourth pair is Misha tebya's special eyechip.
-New eyelashes
-New pullrings
-Floral pink dress made by El ropero de Blythe
-Body replaced for other takara body due a defect on her stock body
-New haircut

She is an ooak doll made with care and love, but please keep in mind that she is a custom doll and therefore modified and not factory perfect. The picture colors may look slightly different from the real colors.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop me a message. 



She's my redhair little girl, a Blythe Zinochika. I've loved working with the fbl mold.
I did her makeup twice. The first time I used darker colors,dark blue for the eyelids and red for the lips. I always imagined ger with lots of freckles and red lips, but in the end I didn't feel comfy with that make up and re-did it with natural colors and now I really love her.

Work done:
- Mouth, nose, philtrum and  chin carving.
- Make up with pastel, acuarel pencils and Msc UV-cut
- Blogged eyes, sleepy eyes and gaze correction
- 2 pairs of realistic eyechips by Puppelina
- 2 pairs of eyechips by brainworm
- Hair washed and conditioned
- New eyelashes.

I hope you like her! Thanks for watching!


Enchanted petal

I bought this girl second hand at mandarake. She came without box and stand but with all her original outfit and I really loved her hair color! Her hair was so messy and frizzy as you can see in the first photos. It seems like her previous owner kept her with braids or something like that for a very long time...

After washing her hair and applying hair mask. 
I had to cut  the hair tips a little bit and now her hair looks better.

She was my first Sbl and I have to tell that opening her head was easier than I heard. I used the water method and luckily opened her without any problems.

Work done:
- Mouth, nose and philtrum carving
- Epoxy Tooth
- Face up with pastels, aquarel pencils and Msc Uv cut
- Blogged eyes, sleepy eyes and gaze correction
- New eyelashes
- Hair treatment
- 2 new pair of eyechips by brainworm


She has two pairs of special eyechips (purple and green) so I decided to keep them by the moment. Maybe I'll get some custom eyechips soon.

And for her eyelids, I decided to combine green and purple.

I hope you like it! Thanks for watching!


A basaak for my aunt

I want to introduce you the basaak girl that I customized for my aunt, as a christmas gift. Basaaks are always a cheap choice for custom practice but they are a really hard experience!

The doll was only 20€ at ebay, but I don't think I will buy again... I didn't have many problems with the carving but removing and replacing the eyechips was really a pain, , I had to carve the eyeholes until they fit.

Also the hair quality is really really bad. But I'm pretty satisfied with the result. 

The doll before the custom process.

As you can see the plastic is very shiny and the hair bangs needed a good cut.

This was the result after finishing the carving.
I tried to make the nose tip more round, small nose holes, mark a little bit the philtrum and give the mouth a new shape.

And the final result!