She's my redhair little girl, a Blythe Zinochika. I've loved working with the fbl mold.
I did her makeup twice. The first time I used darker colors,dark blue for the eyelids and red for the lips. I always imagined ger with lots of freckles and red lips, but in the end I didn't feel comfy with that make up and re-did it with natural colors and now I really love her.

Work done:
- Mouth, nose, philtrum and  chin carving.
- Make up with pastel, acuarel pencils and Msc UV-cut
- Blogged eyes, sleepy eyes and gaze correction
- 2 pairs of realistic eyechips by Puppelina
- 2 pairs of eyechips by brainworm
- Hair washed and conditioned
- New eyelashes.

I hope you like her! Thanks for watching!


Enchanted petal

I bought this girl second hand at mandarake. She came without box and stand but with all her original outfit and I really loved her hair color! Her hair was so messy and frizzy as you can see in the first photos. It seems like her previous owner kept her with braids or something like that for a very long time...

After washing her hair and applying hair mask. 
I had to cut  the hair tips a little bit and now her hair looks better.

She was my first Sbl and I have to tell that opening her head was easier than I heard. I used the water method and luckily opened her without any problems.

Work done:
- Mouth, nose and philtrum carving
- Epoxy Tooth
- Face up with pastels, aquarel pencils and Msc Uv cut
- Blogged eyes, sleepy eyes and gaze correction
- New eyelashes
- Hair treatment
- 2 new pair of eyechips by brainworm


She has two pairs of special eyechips (purple and green) so I decided to keep them by the moment. Maybe I'll get some custom eyechips soon.

And for her eyelids, I decided to combine green and purple.

I hope you like it! Thanks for watching!